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I am honored to be a featured guest on the What Matters Most TV Show. See it on my media page or on YouTube.

Please enjoy this coversation with myself, Candy Danzis, and Pat Caffrey and the Council of Light as we share Angelic Wisdom with our audience and with host Eric Anzalone. Since this show was produced, both Candy and Pat have joined the Angelic Realm full time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to build friendships with Pat and with Candy and her husband, Brian. I am grateful to this show which allows me to relive that day and to again witness the Brilliance that Candy and Pat brought through.
The Producers of What Matters Most are dedicated to spotlighting Lightbearers so that many can witness some of the infinite good available in the world. Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful event-- audience members, production team (including producers Maria Plass and Vann Weller), Candy and Pat, and hosts Glenda Smith and Hannalore Godwin (also a Full-Time Angel) of Circle of Miracles. Thank you to Lucinda Weller for suggesting me as a guest. It was a kick to be interviewed by Eric Anzalone of the pop group, The Village People. He is a hoot! To learn more about Experience Nirvana, production company of What Matters Most, click here. 


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Channeling is a beautiful process of conveying messages from Angels, Ascended Masters, and other Light Beings.  An Angel Conversation invites one of these Beings to come forward and speak, through me, to you directly.  Prior to beginning you can share with me any questions that you have for the Angelic Realm, and I will ask those questions as we begin the channeling invitation.  If there is a specific Being, such as your Guardian Angel, Jesus, Kwan Yin, with whom you would like to speak, we will request that Being's presence.  Otherwise, we will stay open and see who comes forward to greet you.  A channeled message lasts approximately an hour; the entire appointment lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours. Recordings are made but, due to the similarity between electronic and angelic frequencies, are not guaranteed.

All Angel Conversations are held at 
Soul Sanctuary
110 Marter Ave, Building 200, Suite 206
Moorestown, NJ  08057

Fee: $150    


To schedule an appointment email me at marylaw1@mac.com
or call (609) 230-3343.